Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sembilang at riviera[27th December 2008]

Sembilang by Lunaticz
hehehe...janji update yooo! x)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UF-R casting trip


We start at 2pm and ended our trip at 5.30pm. For this trip me and ahim were testing our caster, actually we are planning to go to "batu kaybee" but the wave are too hard and strong so we change our mind. Other than us...there are also KB Anglers and other anglers went fishing on this day.

As usual here ahim setting up his caster x)
*menangas tia tue~staie!*

ahim trying his luck...ehehe
mcm si banar usul nya aaa~hahaha!
prasan jigging la tue~xP

hehe..its me!hahaha!lunaticz..hehhee
just trying my luck...hehehe x)

We then move to next venue, to the next side of SMR

ahim casting at the side of the river
at this time he misses a strike
well, maybe its not his luck...ehehe xP

i like this pic...hehehe
ahim still not satisfied with the strike
he keep on trying and trying
dats the spirit him!

Its me again keep on trying my luck
hehehe x)
maybe next time i'll have my luck and catch a game fish

nada la~saja duduk2..hehehe x)

At the end of the day, we does not caught any fish...well, what important is we enjoy this trip. We then go home at pandan 6 by walking at the beach from Pantai Jubilee to pandan 6. Its been a tiring day for both of us but for us it is a challenge for us to keep on trying because there are fish waiting for our baits.

Below is some random picture that i've taken during the trip
Ahim's caster, a complete set of shimano caster.

Picture of the venue we planned to go for this trip

Here is another picture of the planned venue

This is what i caught with my new yozuri crystal minnow bait
Wanna know what did i caught?
its an "ALI CAFE"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fishing Trip At 7th Alley


I like this pic. It relax my mind when I look at it x)

Fishing Rod Everywhere!ahahah!

This is our otai..Skandar x)
FYI he is my father..hehehe...
hi dad!!x)

Curious about where does all the fish gone???
Waiting for the fish to goes for the bait

Our bait for the day x)

Anyway~we don't caught any fish for today. Maybe its not our luck. Right dad?hehehe x)
Maybe nextime...we'll have better don't ever give up because we are anglers!
*all pics were taken by lncz*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

badunk at riviera[17th december 2008]

Caught By Otai Skandar
it look like an eel but it is not
well, maybe next time you'll get better fish dad x)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saja saja turun mancing[16th December 2008]

dia tengah set up pancing daa~
set up him..jgn ndaa~
mo twu apa sbnar nya d bwat nya tue???
d tangas nya pancing nya aaa~

awu eee~mengasi ee tangas mu aa~
catch of the day...baduk!toing~
baduk atau nama panjangnya badukang...ehehehe~
yth nganya uleh kami utk ari ane~hehehe

New toyssss~:D

Shimano Sienna 2500FB
its ahim new toy..hehehe...ada heng ne ee~:P
jgn ko tangas him~hahaha!!!

Mitchell 300XE
its my new toy...hehehe~p alum plang pnah turun ne..
harap2 ada heng nanti..ehehe xP

Monday, December 15, 2008

Caster For Sale

cuti sementara~wawawa

Cuti memancing buat sementara coz air pasang panuh...payah kn dpt ikan...maybe smpai urg trima coz nada usin kan membali umpan...hehehe~ xD

Tirusan Again At Riviera![11th December 2008]

Pesta Tirusan At Riviera!Riviera Menjerit Buat Kedua Kali Nya!

Fisher: Otai Skandar
Fish Caught: Tirusan
Weight: 1.5kg
Rod: Lemax Red Wolf
Spool: Bando Sport
Line: Berkley Triline

Fisher: Ahim
Fish Caught: Tirusan
Weight: 800g
Rod: Berkley Gladiator
Spool: Shimano Sienna
Line: Berkley Triline

Fisher: RiNz LNCZ
Fish Caught: Tirusan
Weight: 1.7kg
Rod: Lemax Red Wolf
Spool: Bando Sport
Line: Berkley Triline

Rivierra Menjerit! [10th December 2008]

Lama dah menunggu akhirnya naik jua tirusan ane~hahah!syukurtah tirusan satu kilo a!
Fisher: RiNz LNCZ
Fish Caught: Tirusan
Weight: 1kg
Time: 11.45pm
Venue: Riviera hotel kaybee
Rod: Lemax Red Wolf
Line: Berkley Triline
Spool: Bando Sport