Friday, January 2, 2009

Fishing Trip...UF-R met PAK AMIN "The Fly Fishing Guru" [1st January 2009]

This is our first fishing trip for the year 2009...First we went to Kuala Tutong to try our luck...but then we moved to anduki...there our otai caught "ketambak" and "ketam" or crab nya urg putih..hehe X)...i think its our lucky day because...GUESS WHO DID WE MEET?IT'S PAK AMIN THE FLY FISHING GURU FROM SINGAPORE...

below is the first venue we went for fishing

hehe~blangkas ne terprangkap arh batu...tekapit...kesian x)

Next Venue at Anduki

Ketambak x)

This is Pak Amin showing the right way to cast using rapala X-Rap

Pak Amin giving us demo to use fly fihing

Pak Amin then continue his journey

Below is our pic with Pak Amin
From the left: A-long "UF-R", Skandar "UF-R", Pak Amin "The Fly Fishing Guru" & Rosli "Pak Amin Friend In Brunei

Me with Pak Amin x)

First Catch for Tirusan in 2009 at Riviera x)

Well tirusan and ketambak is the opening fish for the year 2009...anyway sorry for the late posting...the admin has been busy lately...thanks to pak amin because giving us some tips and showing us free demo...for all of you out there...pak amin will be back to Singapore dis 3rd january 2009...but he'll be back to Brunei in don't miss the chance to meet him...he is also giving lesson for those who want to learn fly fishing x)


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