Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunaticz new toys for 2010 season.

I just got back from Captain Fred's in Athirah and bought some new toys for this 2010 hunting season since my previous toy already worn out.

For the year 2009, I've been using Mitchell 300xe and now it's time to let him retired and let my new Shimano Sienna 1000FD replace its place.

Below is the picture of my new Shimano Sienna 1000FD toy:

Oh ya, I also bought new line for my new toy. Previously I've been using Spiderwire InvisiBraid 15LB. I just bought Power PRO 15LB for my new toys and below is the picture of my new line:

Lastly, I bought some new lure for snakehead hunting. Below is the picture of my new lure:

[Scum Frog Little Big Foot]

[Scum Frog Trophy Series]

[SPRO Junior Yellow]

[SPRO Junior Green]

Okay, that it! All my new toys for 2010 season and its ready to go hunting! So FKFH, if turun message2 or sound2 saja keh :D


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